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viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Awakening 5: The Sunhook Spire CE [FINAL] English

Awakening 5: The Sunhook Spire
Collector's Edition

Long ago, a kingdom was cast into darkness. Its king and queen were cursed to a deep sleep. Their daughter, Princess Sophia, ascended the throne and brought hope to the kingdom. In her quest to awaken her parents from their slumber, Sophia learned of a powerful Enchantress who could undo the spell. Alas! On her way to the Enchantress' lair at Sunhook Spire, she was beset by treacherous mercenaries. Can the young Queen escape the mercenaries and get to Sunhook Spire safely? After a thousand years of separation, will Sophia finally meet her parents? Scale the heights of Sunhook Spire, rescue the Enchantress and uncover the tower's mysteries in this epic journey!

The Collector’s Edition includes:
Collectible morphing objects
Unlcokable achievements
Strategy Guide
Soundtrack, Concept Art & Wallpaper

Bonus Chapter: Sophia's friends turn against her


Juegos gratis full en Español

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Otro de las sagas muy bueno.Saludos.. concar

Tremendo juego, se los recomiendo.
Un abrazo con beso

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